About us

A Michal Wunderlich company - Smithcraft - was established in 1992 and since then has been officially linked to a longterm family tradition. We started the production in an area set in adaptation and additional buildings of a small property. We rented step by step another premises which caused organization problems. In 2001 a contract about a new factory to be built was signed with Skoly Mesit o.p.s. With this company we have been co-operating in education in a field of Smithcraft and locksmith since 1992. This factory was introduced in operation in 2003. A new and modern workshop is equipped with machines of a good quality (the compressed and spring machine hammers, an hydraulic press, a forge furnace, the welding technology Fronius, the top profi electro equipment, etc.) The workshop also fulfils the most severe hygienic specifications {the air conditioning, the dust filters, the welding fouling exhaustion, the lighting limits, etc). There are also other machines and equipment available in other workshops of the school such as a turning lathe, the milling cutters, a shaping machine and a surface grinding machine. A great advantage of the workshop is its location in an area of Mesit Holding company - as there is a wide variety of machines and technology for use (welding MIG, MAG, a laser and plazma burning, a steel foundry and colour metals foundry, a tool-shed and a harden room, a surface prevention centre - paint-shop, plating including gilding and others).

A company production program

- in context with the tuition and subsequent placement of our graduates, we are trying to provide as wide spectrum of production as possible.
This can be divided into 4 categories:

A) a smithcraft workshop only

There are products of the highest quality, made of forging and sometimes contemporary technology procedure, usually made for historical and sheltered workshops. Here we can also mention a production of weapons that we are engaged in only marginally. This is only because of the volume point of view (see attached references). Furthermore, works of art being made and also presented in galleries cannot be left out. There is also a restoration and a renovation of metal products- see below.

B) the forging pieces

Being made with a modern technology usage - a forging in swages, an edge and a swage pressing, foundry, electric arc welding. Likewise in this category a designed high standard is being held (ex. Welded frames can be found in visually inaccessible places or are being touched up. Kiln or sawn places on visually exposed places are being grounded in an angle - which imitates a forge cutting, etc.) Generally spoken, a product made like this can not be distinguished from a real art in an A category.
Note: we are engaged mostly in unit production with a direct linkage to the customer. There are some elements in our production (such as filling rods for banisters and fences, handles, ...) which we are able to produce as a small batch production. A decoration and a stock housing accessory production (such as a light fitting, tables, sedentary furniture, fire suites, etc) can be included in this part.

C) a work and an art of apprentices

in cooperation and settlement with colleges Mesit o.p.s a participation in production of some products from B category is enabled for the higher grade apprentices. There is no doubt for a high quality requirement. This is guaranteed by a Michal Wunderlich company- Smithcraft. A lower price is an advantage in such a product. On the other hand a longer production period is a disadvantage.

D) a metal product restoration and a renovation

We are able to provide a restoration of any sort of historical object including special covering dressing (tinning, enamel, polychromy, petaloid gilding, etc) At present we are claiming a Culture Ministry Licence. To obtain such a licence require lots of time - and for this reason we always introduce a restoration plan as far as the monumentally protected objects are concerned. We consult it with relevant monumental office. If a licensed specialist is required by the monumental authorities, we provide it. Up to now restored objects - see the references.

Further company activities

Repair service

In cooperation with other workshops of College Mesit o.p.s we provide a renovation and general reparations of some types of machines - spring and air forging hammers, electrical and manual profile clippers, manual and spindle press. We are producing the swages in proportion : 400 x 300x 150 mm (steel 19 552) including the heat treatment.


As mentioned in the beginning of this web site, we cooperate with Colleges Mesit o.ps.s since 1992 as far as the tutorials are concerned. The entrance exams for the graduate grammar school students is similar to requirements in Arts and Crafts School. Emphasis is being paid to skill exams. Recently we meet with a great interest from people who have already graduated in colleges. We also cooperate with a Employment office.
More can be obtained on www.skolamesit.cz - Ing. Hrdina ( director) or Mr. Daníček (supervisor).

A Michal Wunderlich company - Smithcraft - is a member of a guild "A corporation of smithcrafts and locksmiths and blacksmiths - Czech, Moravian and Silesian farriers".